How the FIFA 2022 world cup is attracting investment in Dubai Real Estate Market?

FIFA World Cup is undeniably the most coveted sports event in the world, its arrival pumps adrenaline through fans from across the world who are trying to secure tickets to Qatar this year in advance as early as 12 months before the event is scheduled to kick-off, we are seeing special arrangements and flight fleets being lined up for picking up FIFA guests and attendees. The entire world is in a frenzy to watch this massive football fest kick-off where 32 qualified countries from all across the globe compete for the title of the “World Football Champions”. Dubai’s real estate industry will have a knock-on effect due to this event, from rentals being impacted directly to investors realizing the potential of Dubai as a Business Hub and an amazing investment opportunity. Dubai is close to Qatar, and with the connectivity that it offers and the tourism options it has, several of the attendees are bound to land in UAE to explore the country and potentially understand how much return on investment they can get on their money. Dubai is already attracting dozens of high-net-worth individuals (cited in a report released by Henley Global), and HNWIs seem to be moving from UK and Russia to UAE. Dubai is turning out to be the center of innovation, safe investments, and a great lifestyle destination, which is what it has always aimed to be. With the visionary leadership of His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Al Maktoum, it has made several positive strides toward development. UAE is banking on the FIFA fever and arranging streaming spots available for all the football fanatics in different hot locations across the country.

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