A recap of what happened in December 2023


National Day

At Granbia Real Estate, we celebrated the spirit of unity and pride on the occasion of the UAE National Day with utmost joy and enthusiasm. Our offices were adorned in the colors of the national flag, fostering a sense of patriotism and solidarity among our team. From heartfelt messages of appreciation to a display of traditional Emirati symbols, we took the time to reflect on the nation’s rich heritage and the remarkable progress it has achieved. The day was marked by a collective sense of gratitude for the UAE’s visionary leadership and the opportunities it continues to offer. Granbia Real Estate proudly joins the nation in commemorating the UAE National Day with a deep sense of pride and reverence.

Closings of the Month


A resounding accolade to Mohamed Jehad, the sales maestro at Granbia Real Estate, for orchestrating a stellar deal closing at 7.9 million AED! His exceptional prowess in navigating this substantial transaction not only showcases his unparalleled proficiency in real estate dealings but also underscores his unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence. Mohamed’s achievement stands as a testament to the elevated standards he sets for our sales team, reflecting Granbia Real Estate’s commitment to excellence in every endeavor.


As we bid farewell to December, Granbia Real Estate wrapped up the month with a statement-making visual extravaganza. We took a unique approach to redefine the way we perceive homes, and our spotlight was on none other than Samana, Aqua Dimore, Rak Properties, and Expo City. Each carefully crafted video was more than just a tour; it was a storytelling masterpiece. We aimed to offer an immersive experience, turning each home into a visual feast. And the best part? You were right there with us, sharing in this exclusive experience!

Our Instagram became the canvas for Granbia Real Estate’s visual journey. We didn’t just change the way homes are seen; we elevated the game, infusing excitement into the world of real estate. Granbia Real Estate, where innovation seamlessly meets warmth. It was a month of pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the visual narrative of homes. 🎥🏡


Raj Dahni Group, Fairmont Residences

Continuous learning propels us towards excellence!
Check out snippets from our comprehensive training conducted by the Raj Sahni Group team on the exciting new launch of Fairmont Residences Dubai Skyline!

Embracing excellence firsthand, we’re eager to deliver the finest to our valued clients..


A resounding applause and heartfelt congratulations echo through Granbia Real Estate as we celebrate the remarkable year  of work achievement for Mr. Mohammed Hussain, our visionary Managing Director! Over the past year, Mohammed’s extraordinary leadership has not only illuminated the path to success but has also played a pivotal role in steering Granbia Real Estate towards unparalleled growth and achievement.

Under Mohammed’s guidance, our team has experienced a transformative journey, setting new industry standards and reaching unprecedented milestones. His strategic vision, unwavering dedication, and innovative approach have not only shaped the success of Granbia Real Estate but have also laid the foundation for a future filled with even greater accomplishments.

Here’s to a year marked by extraordinary achievements, and to the many more milestones we are destined to achieve together as we continue to thrive and redefine excellence in the real estate industry. Cheers to Mohammed Hussain! 🎉👏

For Downloading Dubai’s Real Estate project brochure, Payment Plan, or images Visit Granbia’s Agents Portal Where you can Find all current and upcoming projects in Dubai. Mr. Hasan Al Musawi is the Chairman of Granbia Real Estate and, the Managing Director of Granbia Real Estate is Mr. Mohamad Al Qrqoor Which Comes under the Al Taif Group.

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