A recap of what happened in October 2023

New Joiners of the Month

A big shout-out to our newest members of the Granbia family! As you step into your roles as real estate agents, envision this journey as a canvas where your unique talents paint the picture of our collective success. Your arrival adds not just individuals but layers of expertise and potential to our dynamic team. Granbia is more than a workplace; it’s a community that thrives on collaboration and innovation. Together, let’s turn challenges into opportunities and create a real estate story that stands out. Welcome to Granbia, where your journey is not just about joining a team but becoming an integral part of our shared success narrative. Cheers to new beginnings and the exciting ventures that lie ahead!

Closings of the Month

A resounding applause to Jehad, the stellar achiever of the month at Granbia Real Estate, for masterfully closing an impressive four deals in October! His exceptional prowess in sealing these transactions not only showcases his unparalleled skill in navigating the complexities of real estate but also underscores his dedication and commitment to excellence. Jehad’s achievements stand as a testament to the high standards he sets for our team.

Equally commendable are the efforts of Ahmad Bahgat, Mustaq, and Ahmed Al Shemari, who have each contributed significantly by successfully closing deals in their own right. Their dedication and client-centric approach have been instrumental in shaping the success of Granbia Real Estate. Each deal closed is a testament to their proficiency, understanding of clients’ needs, and embodiment of the true essence of our organization. Collectively, Jehad, Ahmad Bahgat, Mustaq, and Ahmed Al Shemari, you are all architects of success, and your combined accomplishments are a shining example within our organization. May your continued journey be adorned with even more triumphs and prosperity!

Mr. Hasan's Birthday

What a joyous occasion it was as the Granbia Real Estate family came together to celebrate the birthday of our esteemed CEO, Mr. Hassan! The celebration was a reflection of the admiration and respect we hold for a leader who guides us with unwavering dedication. The office was adorned with smiles and festive decorations as we took a moment to express our gratitude and warm wishes for Mr. Hassan. The festivities included heartfelt speeches, laughter, and a delicious spread to mark the occasion. This celebration not only honored the person behind our company’s success but also strengthened the bond within the Granbia family. Here’s to Mr. Hassan — a leader, mentor, and the heart of our Granbia family. May this year bring him continued success, joy, and fulfillment!

Activity: Breast Cancer Awareness

October was not just a month of celebrations but also a time for meaningful support at Granbia Real Estate as we rallied together to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. In a vibrant and heartfelt display of solidarity, our office transformed into a sea of pink, adorned with ribbons, banners, and a shared commitment to spreading awareness.

The celebration kicked off with informative sessions on breast health, emphasizing the importance of regular check-ups and early detection. We also organized engaging activities and events that not only fostered team spirit but also raised funds for breast cancer research and support organizations.

Our Granbia family demonstrated unity by donning pink attire and actively participating in awareness campaigns both within the office and across social media platforms. It was truly inspiring to witness the collective effort to contribute to the Breast Cancer Awareness cause.

Through this celebration, we not only illuminated our office with the symbolic color of hope but also showcased our commitment to making a positive impact beyond the real estate realm. Here’s to the Granbia team, coming together to support a cause that goes beyond business, reflecting our shared values of compassion, awareness, and community support.

Podcast: Zouhair Ali

In his insightful podcast on “Making Wise Investment Decisions,” Zouhair simplifies the intricacies of investing, ensuring a relatable and engaging experience. He starts by highlighting the importance of thorough research, turning it into an interactive and relatable process. Zouhair introduces the idea of assembling an advisory team, emphasizing the value of professional guidance in investment decisions.

Navigating through property inspection and paperwork verification, Zouhair maintains a light-hearted tone, making seemingly daunting tasks more approachable. Finally, he demystifies the financial aspects of investment decisions, turning the calculation of costs and returns into a digestible concept.

Zouhair’s podcast not only educates but also entertains, providing listeners with practical insights for making wise investment decisions. Under the leadership of Granbia Real Estate, the podcast reflects a commitment to guiding investors through informed decision-making in the dynamic landscape of real estate.

For Downloading Dubai’s Real Estate project brochure, Payment Plan, or images Visit Granbia’s Agents Portal Where you can Find all current and upcoming projects in Dubai. Mr. Hasan Al Musawi is the Chairman of Granbia Real Estate and, the Managing Director of Granbia Real Estate is Mr. Mohamad Al Qrqoor Which Comes under the Al Taif Group.

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