A recap of what happened in Sept 2023


New Joiners of the Month

We’re excited to say hello to Ainura Kyzy and Omar Al Ahmad, our newest team members at Granbia Real Estate. We’re happy to have them on board, and we believe their unique skills will make our team even stronger. At Granbia, we’re all about working together and making sure everyone’s ideas count. Ainura and Omar, you’re now part of our close-knit family, and we can’t wait to do great things together in the real estate world. Welcome to the team!

Training Week: CRM, Sobha & Aqua

During Granbia Real Estate’s Training Week, our main focus was on improving customer relationships through effective use of the CRM. We explored ways to manage client interactions, streamline communication, and optimize workflows to make our processes more efficient. The spotlight then shifted to Sobha, where participants delved into the distinctive methodologies and success stories that define Sobha’s unique approach to property development. On this same week Aqua Properties, provided a comprehensive understanding of their vision and expertise in the real estate sector. These training sessions  served as a platform for skill enhancement and also as a nexus for fostering collaboration, and strengthening Client relationships

Activities : Damac Summer Fun

Granbia Real Estate brought competitive spirit to the forefront during the Trivia & Spin the Wheel event hosted by Damac. Our team actively participated in the engaging trivia rounds, showcasing our knowledge and quick thinking in the real estate domain.

It was a thrilling experience for all involved, and the joy was palpable as Granbia Real Estate secured several victories, with team members walking away with coveted prizes such as iPhone earpods, Apple Watches, and other exciting gifts. The event served as a platform for team bonding & reinforcing the vibrant spirit within Granbia Real Estate.

Closings of the Month

Hats off to Taif and Zouhair for achieving remarkable success in sealing the deals throughout the vibrant month of September at Granbia Real Estate! Your prowess in navigating the intricate landscape of real estate transactions is truly commendable. The finesse and dedication you bring to your work are instrumental in elevating the standards of our team. Closing deals isn’t just about signing contracts; it’s about forging connections, understanding clients’ needs, and showcasing the true essence of Granbia Real Estate. Your achievements shine as beacons of excellence within our organization, reflecting the pinnacle of professionalism and proficiency. Here’s to Taif and Zouhair, the architects of success in September, and may your journey continue to be adorned with triumphs and prosperity!

Activities : Remote Work Adventure (MBRL)

Granbia’s marketing team opted for a unique Remote Work Day Adventure. Seeking inspiration from the serene ambiance of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library (MBRL), the team aimed to break away from the routine office setting. The library’s tranquil surroundings served as an unconventional yet stimulating backdrop, fostering a change of scene to fuel innovation. The team embraced a day of collaborative ideation amidst the wealth of knowledge within MBRL. This endeavor not only marked a departure from the typical office environment but also underscored Granbia’s commitment to cultivating a dynamic workplace, recognizing that a change of scene can be a catalyst for fresh perspectives and imaginative breakthroughs.

For Downloading Dubai’s Real Estate project brochure, Payment Plan, or images Visit Granbia’s Agents Portal Where you can Find all current and upcoming projects in Dubai. Mr. Hasan Al Musawi is the Chairman of Granbia Real Estate and, the Managing Director of Granbia Real Estate is Mr. Mohamad Al Qrqoor Which Comes under the Al Taif Group.

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